Azafran is an international company specializing in luxurious, organic skin care products. All our products are completely pure and natural, addressing specific skin problems while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

In a nutshell, this is what we do: We blend the best ingredients nature has to offer and capture them in a bottle to benefit your body and give you healthy skin.

Browse our product range via the skin care categories in our main menu above or find out more about the certified organic ingredients we use.

Based in India, we can ship our products to virtually anywhere in the world. All our products are delivered in beautiful Azafran gift boxes. So there’s no excuse not to select a blissful Azafran skin care product and order it as a gift for your loved one.

Why We Started Azafran:

Since creating Azafran in 2007, we spent two entire years on R&D to cultivate and perfect our unique natural skin care range before making the products available to you.

We started the company because we realized that many skin care products available in the market don’t give us flawless skin without potentially causing other problems or only giving temporary or superficial results. Most commercial beauty products are full of chemicals and preservatives that can do irreparable damage to your skin.

At Azafran, we believe products you apply directly to your body should only contain natural and organic ingredients. And for good reason. Read why organic is so much better and healthier for you. 

Many products on the market misleadingly claim to be natural and organic, without any kind of certification or guarantee to the customer. That’s another reason we decided to start our own company offering certified organic skin care products, delivering the very best natural products possible without compromise to the quality.

Everyone deserves good skin and at Azafran we want to help you get exactly that.

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