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Give a fruity tribute to your skin


  • Blended with fruits extracts to give an ultimate fruit spa to your face.
  • Our classic skin-boosting formulations are enriched with an enticing fruity fragrance.
  • Creates a blissful experience for your skin; every day.

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Multi Fruit Clear Skin Facial Cleanser crafted with a concentrated blend of five fruits extract that contain natural AHAs, organic neem & turmeric extracts. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells giving it a healthy glow. Multi Fruit Deep Cleansing Clay Mask Made with 5 fruit extracts rich in natural AHAs, natural clay and rose geranium. Deep cleanses the skin pores and promotes an even skin tone. Multi Fruit Refreshing Facial Mist Formulated with Natural AHAs of 5 fruits extract, hydrating aloe vera, rose scented geranium, healing chamomile extract and antibiotic tulsi. Hydrates, tones and balances the skin. Multi Fruit Daily 3 in 1 Moisturizer crafted with vitamin E & oils of almonds, coconuts & olives. Contains Titanium dioxide, a natural mineral that gives sun protection by UVA & UVB blocking.

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Botanical extract of 5 fruits; bilberry, orange, lemon, sugar cane, and sugar maple are used in traditional skin care treatments for softening the skin. Contains natural AHAs which improves skin tone. Organic turmeric extracts has anti-bacterial properties. Exfoliates dead skin cells, removes oil, and reduces scares & inflammations. Organic neem extracts clears acne, pigmentation, and prevents breakouts. Controls excess oil, and clears the skin. Jojoba beads are gentle exfoliant and does not irritate or damage the skin. Organic coconut shell powder made from coconut shells gently exfoliate dead cells without causing skin irritation. Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It is noncomedogenic and has sun protection properties. Aloe juice is derived from the leaves of aloe vera plant. Good for treating sunburns, lightens skin tone, and improves dry skin. Soya butter is made from organic soya oil. Moisturizes skin and keeps it soft.
Cleanse Squeeze the required amount of cleanser, apply on face and neck using circular motion. Massage for a minute, then rinse off with water. Use twice a day for a fresh and radiant looking skin. Mask Apply a generous layer of the mask over face and neck, avoiding eyes, lips and hairline. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe away residue with wet cloth, and splash face with cool water. Apply a layer of moisturizer. Apply the mask 2-3 times a week . Mist Hold the mist 6 inches away from your face and spritz. Keep eyes closed. Let it sit for a minute, then blot of the excess mist with a tissue. Use the mist before moisturizer. Use morning and evening after cleansing for best results. You can also use it as often as required throughout the day for a refreshed mood. Moisturize Apply tiny dots of moisturizer all over your face and neck. Massage is gentle circular motion till cream is fully absorbed. Allow the skin to absorb the moisturizer before applying further makeup.
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